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Looking for a bold sign to elevate your business brand advertising? You are looking in the right place, 3D Signs Melbourne – A division of Letragrafic Signs, specialize in high-end 3D signs and 3D letters that will enhance your brand appeal. 3D signs are a highly preferred signage type often accompanied by graphics in large format printing. There are custom 3D signs in various styles that can be positioned in different locations to meet your needs. We use premium quality materials with cutting edge technology to create your unique signage, making sure that they are long lasting, durable and provide the very best quality.

How Does 3D Signs Melbourne Create Unique Fabricated 3D Signs?

From 3D laser cut acrylic letters, logos or fabricated letters, with an endless choice of colour, shape, size and thickness, to a customized illuminated metal fabricated sign.


We Have You Covered From Start To Finish

From the initial consultation to final installation, We have you covered and are committed to providing exceptional services throughout the process, with results that far exceed your expectations.






How 3D Signs Melbourne Are Ahead of Other Signage Companies?

What makes us different and unique from other signage companies is that we are totally committed to exceptional services and friendly support. Our team of experts will guide you through the whole process from your design to making sure you get the right results you were hoping for.

We believe that effective signage is very important for any business as it will play a role in shaping the perspective of your brand. That is why we are very much invested in helping our clients to create 3D signage that is both visually pleasing and effective. We take time to research your business which allows us to have a powerful & knowledgeable understanding of the unique needs in order to create a custom made solution that reflects your brand in its best form possible.

The Right Signage Matters

Your business needs signage. It’s vital for telling potential customers where you’re located, but also for many other purposes, including wayfinding, marketing, and brand building. However, the wrong signage can have profoundly negative results for Melbourne-area businesses. You’ll find your message limited, your reach shortened. You may even find that your physical signs deteriorate quickly, reducing your ROI.
At Letragrafic Signs, we design, manufacture, and install cutting-edge signs for businesses in Melbourne and throughout the rest of Australia. We believe that the right signs are crucial to your success, and 3D signage and letters deliver the high-impact, attention-grabbing capabilities you need and deserve.

3D Letters Grab Attention

Business signs have been around for millennia, but they have almost always been two-dimensional. Flat signs do little to stand out from the crowd and catch the attention of your target audience. 3D letters for Melbourne area businesses do much more. These are three-dimensional letters and numerals designed to match your brand’s voice and values.

The Power of LED Letters

At Letragrafic Signs, we do more than just design and manufacture 3D signage and fabricated letters in Melbourne. We can also offer LED letters – custom designed letters and full signs imbued with the brilliance (and green benefits) of LED lights. It’s all about visibility and doing your part for the environment, while limiting electricity consumption.

Material Matters with Fabricated Letters

When it comes to fabricated letters, Melbourne area businesses have important choices to make in terms of material. At Letragrafic Signs, we can help you achieve the impact you need with high-quality, custom fabricated letters and 3D signage. Choose from materials such as:
All of our fabricated letters are professionally designed and custom manufactured, and then finished to provide not just the right aesthetics for your message, but the durability needed, particularly in exterior applications.


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We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional service to our clients, but don’t just take our word for it. Read what our clients have to say about working with us.

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