Frequently Asked Questions

Every 3D sign is unique, so the price varies. It depends on factors like size, materials, design complexity, and quantity required. We’re happy to provide a custom quote tailored to your specific needs.
For the best results, we prefer vector-based files of your logo. These can be .eps, .ai, or PDF files. They allow us to recreate your logo with the highest level of detail and precision.

Absolutely! We don’t just design and manufacture signs; we also take care of the installation process. Whether you’re based in Melbourne or elsewhere in Australia, we’ve got you covered.

The timeline for creating your 3D signage depends on various factors like materials and design complexity. While some projects may be ready within a week, others may require more time. We’ll always strive to meet your deadlines.

Choosing an Australian-based 3D sign company gives you the advantage of top-notch quality, customization, and local expertise. Plus, it contributes to the local economy and allows for easier communication and faster resolution of potential issues.

Getting a quote is easy! Just share your sign’s specifics – size, materials, design – with us. We have an online form for this. Fill it out, and we’ll get back to you with a personalised quote!

Your sign’s maintenance needs will depend on its materials. Generally, a gentle cleaning with a soap and water mixture will do the trick. Avoid harsh cleaners and those containing ammonia to prevent damage. However, for hard-to-reach signs, our professional team offers tailored cleaning and maintenance services with appropriate machinery.

We offer various 3D signage options, from illuminated to individual letters and logo signs. We also specialise in creating window or wall graphics that effectively promote your brand. For more options, check out our other division at Letragrafic Signs – Windownwallgraphics.com.au.

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer here – we can create letters in any size or shape to suit your needs. We’ll also help you navigate any regulations about sign size and height to ensure your signage is compliant.
Whether we can provide a drawing of your sign beforehand depends on the design and shape you’re after. So, let’s chat about what you envision first. Once we understand your requirements, we can tell you if a pre-production drawing is feasible.