LED & Neon Letters

3D Signs Melbourne is where we bring your brand to life with stunning, custom-made LED and neon-illuminated letters. Our expertly crafted signs are designed to make your business stand out, whether day or night. Illuminate your brand and draw in the crowds with our high-quality 3D letters.

LED Letters – The Future of Signage

LED letters are quickly becoming the go-to choice for modern businesses. They offer a sleek, contemporary look that fits perfectly in any setting. At 3D Signs Melbourne, we offer various types of LED letters to suit your needs:

  • Halo Illuminated Letters: These letters provide a soft glow around the edges, creating a halo effect. They’re perfect for businesses looking to add a touch of sophistication to their signage.
  • Edge-Lit Letters: Edge-lit letters are very striking. Made from clear sandblasted or frosted acrylic, these letters light up from the side and back. Alternatively, when combined with fabricated channel letters, the acrylic is exposed and fixed into the rear of the letter or logo. They’re lit by LED lights placed at the back, which create the intriguing illumination.
  • Combination-Lit Letters: For something different, choose combination-lit letters. These letters provide both illuminations to the front & rear. They have clear or translucent acrylic backs with an acrylic face. If a desired colour is required, translucent vinyl graphics can be applied to the face. If daylight or warm white lighting to the rear isn’t your preference, we can provide vibrant colours using our RGB LEDs. Combination-lit letters mix colours and effects, making your message stand out.

Premium Materials for Maximum Impact

Our letters can be crafted from metal or acrylic, based on your needs. Both these materials are long-lasting and provide a polished look. We light up these letters with LED modules or strips, ensuring a steady and vibrant illumination.

Under the broad category of LED letters, we offer various types of illumination:

  • Halo Illuminated Letters: Metal letters that glow gently from behind.
  • Backlit & Sidelit Letters: Lit from behind or sides for a unique effect.
  • Frontlit Letters: Illuminated from the front for clear visibility.
  • Combination-lit Letters: A mix of lighting techniques for a standout look.
  • LED Embedded Acrylic Letters: Modern, minimalist letters with embedded LEDs.

Choose the style that best suits your needs for a vibrant and eye-catching display.

Ignite Your Brand with Neon Illumination

Our open-face fabricated letters offer two distinct illumination options, neon glass or LED Neon flex, each catering to different needs. Neon glass, with its wider colour range, is the premium choice, akin to choosing a Ferrari, adding a classic touch to your signage and ensuring your brand stands out.

Alternatively, our LED Neon Flex is a more cost-effective solution ideal for indoor usage. Despite being economical, it still offers a vibrant glow that ensures your business remains noticeable. Regardless of your choice, each letter is meticulously crafted to perfectly echo your brand’s style, guaranteeing your business never fades into obscurity.



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