Machine Cut Signs

Lasercut, CNC Router Cut, Waterjet Cut

Cutting-edge technology meets craftsmanship in the heart of Melbourne. At 3D Signs Melbourne, we specialise in laser-cut, CNC router-cut, and waterjet-cut signs. Our precision and attention to detail will make your brand stand out with a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Power of Precision with Lasercut Signs

Step into the future of signage with our high-precision, laser-cut signs. Tailored to perfection, these signs are designed to amplify your brand’s presence and leave an unforgettable impression.

Material Choices

We understand that every business is unique. This is why we offer a range of material choices for your bespoke laser-cut signage. Choose from acrylic, timber, metal, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper, PVC, plastic, or Gravoply. Each material offers a unique aesthetic and durability.

Indoor & Outdoor Signage

Whether you need an eye-catching sign for your reception area or a durable outdoor sign for your business premises, we’ve got you covered. Our machine-cut signs are designed and constructed to withstand both indoor and outdoor environments, making them versatile and cost-effective solutions for your business.

  • Office Signage

Your office is not just a place of work; it’s a reflection of your brand. Our machine-cut office signage is available in two common styles: an acrylic panel with vinyl graphics applied and wall mounted by panel mounts, offering a sleek and professional look. Alternatively, you can opt for individual machine-cut letters and logos. These are enhanced with vinyl graphics or painted to match your company’s aesthetics, then glued or pinned directly to the wall.

  • Events & Exhibitions

Outshine your competitors at events and exhibitions with our custom-made signage, such as entrance signs, directional signs, backlit towers and free-standing ground projecting fabricated signs. Our team of experts will work closely with you to design and manufacture signs that perfectly encapsulate your brand message.

  • Retail Shopping Centres

From functional signs for amenities and letterboxes to creative retail signs and shopping centre displays, we offer various signage solutions. Our signs are not only visually appealing but also durable and can last for years to come.

  • Estate Entrance Walls

Make a grand first impression with our custom-made estate entrance wall signs. These signs are meticulously crafted to reflect your estate’s prestige and elegance, ensuring visitors are greeted with awe and admiration.



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