You have decided that you would like your business to enjoy the benefits that can come from having quality 3D signs. However, if this is your first time trying to order a 3D sign, you might be wondering just what you need to consider when you are making a purchase. Below, we will be looking at a few of the things that you will want to think about with your purchase.

Size of the Signs

One of the first things to consider is the size of the sign. You need to consider the amount of space that you have available, whether the sign is going to be indoors or outdoors. You then need to think about how your signage will be able to fit into that space. It should be large enough that it is easily visible and legible, of course. It should not be cramped either.

Thickness of the Letters

Along with the overall size of the letters in terms of their height and width, you also need to think about the thickness of the letters. Different styles and types of materials will have a different thickness. What will be the best option for your sign? You want the 3D appearance, but you do not want the sign to be so thick that it becomes unwieldy.

Logos, Letters, or Both?

As you are considering the amount of space that you have available, you will also want to think about whether you are only going to use letters on your sign, or if you will want to have your logo. In some cases, you might want to have both. What you choose will depend on your preferences and the space you have available.

Style and Font for the Signs

Think about the style and the font that you want for the signs, as well. Just as with your logo design and your website, you want to be sure that everything is as easy as possible for people to read and understand. You don’t want a font that will make people second-guess the name of your place. Style is important, but the ease of reading tends to be even more important.

Durability and Materials

When choosing the sign, you also want to consider the materials that are being used. Quality materials and construction could cost a little more at the outset, but it is a better option overall. Good quality means that you will have a sign that will be durable. Signs should not take too much in the way of maintenance, but make sure you understand the needs for your sign, so it can last a long time whether it is an indoor or outdoor sign.

The Designer and Your Options

Talk with a designer and manufacturer for the sign to see what options are available. They can provide you with a quote and let you know what will and will not work well on your property.

Once you have thought about all of these elements, and you have started to work with a quality company like ours, you will be able to get the perfect 3D sign or signs for your business.