Retailers understand the need for signage. Without it, your potential customers have no idea where to find you. However, it goes deeper than this. It’s not just about announcing your location. It’s about visibility, branding, and style. Illuminated 3D signs for retailers in Melbourne offer these benefits and many more. What should you know about these signs?

Illuminated 3D Signs Offer Improved Visibility at All Times

First, we’ll start off with what is probably the most obvious benefit. Illuminated 3D signs are visible at all times of day and night. Sure, your potential customers likely have little trouble finding your sign on a sunny day at noon, but what about in the rain as dusk is setting in? What about on a foggy morning, or during the evening? Illuminated 3D signs ensure your brand is visible to the people who matter most.

Illuminated 3D Signs Are Surprisingly Affordable

Think that investing in an illuminated 3D sign for your Melbourne retail location will require a significant investment? They’re actually more affordable than you might think, particularly when you work with a leading design, manufacturing, and installation expert in the area like Letragrafic Signs. Between various material options and the ability to use LED lights for electricity savings, you’ll spend less than you expect up front as well as over time.

Illuminated 3D Signs in Range of Style Choices

How many styles of illuminated 3D signs can you think of? The truth is that there are many different options out there, from halo-lit channel letters to back-lit metal and everything in between. You get even more options when you add in neon signs, as well as conventional lights in addition to power-saving LEDs. It can be simpler than you think to find the right style for your brand and your audience.

Illuminated 3D Signs Are Durable

When you work with the right sign company, you’ll see an excellent return on your sign investment over time. Quality materials, excellent workmanship, and durable construction methods ensure your sign stands the test of time.

Illuminated 3D Signs Are Completely Customisable

You need your sign to stand out and tie in with your brand. You want your customers to see the sign and immediately connect it with your retail establishment and the emotions it engenders within them. At Letragrafic Signs, we have years of experience in creating custom 3D signage solutions for our Melbourne area clients. We can help you choose the right sign style, the right material, the right finish, the right lighting technology, and everything else. Our process begins with an in-depth consultation to determine exactly what your business needs in the way of 3D signage, and then we begin roughing out design ideas until we find the perfect solution for you. Then, we custom create your 3D sign and professionally install it. Getting a customised 3D sign is that simple.

Ultimately, whether you go with a light box sign, back-lit channel letters, an LED illuminated 3D sign, or something else completely, you’ll enjoy the benefits of customisation, brand connection, and year-round visibility. Get in touch with us today to learn more.